SAP Questions from Exam held on 04-July-2004

Questions from Exam held on 04-July-2004

1. Default password for SAP* in a new installed system (Client 000)
a. 06071992 (Answer)
2. If V1 and V2 update processes are configured for an instance, which update process will take more priority?
3. What are features offered by Solution Manager from the followings?
4. What is the sequence of memory area used by the Dialog Process?
5. From the below in which sequence the memory areas will be used? Multiple Choice.
6. In which of the following are scenarios, STMS will need to be modified?
a. When install additional Dialog Instance
b. You want to add additional Virtual system
c. Adding new delivery system in the landscape
d. Update the SAP kernel patch
7. Which are the components of CTS?
a. CTS Organizer
b. Transport Organizer
c. Repository Organizer
d. ????
8. Identify the possible solutions for screen-shot (ST22 – Timeout)
Possible Answers: 1. Increase the maximum WP runtime, 2. Execute in B/G
9. How do you connect SAP system with Telephone system?
Answers: Third Party CTI, TAPI
10. What is correct with regard to SAPconnect?
a. Incoming mails can be forwarded to Other domains
b. SAP WAS itself can act as MTA
c. Each client can connect to single MTA
d. It can send newly created mail to multiple MTA’s at the same time
11. Find out the host on which the database is running from the following screen
12. Select the correct Archive object name from the following, if the DIR_GLOBAL and DIR_DATA are set to ???? and object “WORKITEM” is archived on 11.03.2003 11:00
(Screenshot is given. The answer lies in the screen only)
13. What kind of tasks the ICM can handle?
14. Which of the following regarding ITS is correct?
a. Multiple ITS instances can not be on the same host
b. Wgate and Agate must be on the same host
c. Wgate and Web Server must be on the same host
d. Can not have more than one Agates
15. What are the correct options with respect to eCATT?
16. What are the tasks you can when CUA is active? Multiple Choice
17. From which server the sync can be started with Directory services?
a. SAP System to directory server for any kind of updates
b. Directory server logs in with created SAP user to SAP system and sync
c. SAP user created for specially sync from SAP to directory server
d. ??????
18. What are the types of SAPGUI available?
a. SAPGUI for Windows
c. SAPGUI for Java
d. SAPGUI for Linux
19. What can you do to scale the ICM performance?

20. What are correct options in terms of Post processing events?
a. Don’t need to set any modifications to SAP profiles
b. PFCG can be used directly without doing anything
c. Setting up the transport domain
d. ????
21. Which process is used if an external program wants to start and event in SAP?
a. sapevt (Answer)
22. Which file holds the parameters for the transport system?
a. TP_.PFL (Answer)
23. If a user wants to use a language in a UNICODE system, which is not at all installed. Select the correct from the following.
a. Need to install the new language (Answer)
24. Exercise of the UNIT – Globalization, CUA, External Communication, eCATT
25. Online help types. How can you access different help types?
26. What are the components of SAP Netweaver?
a. People Integration
b. Application Integration
e. ?????
27. What is the sequence of the processes startup?
Just read the sequence of database, message server, dispatcher, ICM
28. Exercise of SAP support pack/Add-ons
29. What is happen if you double click the Yellow button in PFCG extended maintenance?
a. When close the Tree with the (Tick), full authorizations will be assigned and the button will become GREEN (SCREEN-SHOT AVAILABLE)
30. Which of the followings can be assigned to User Master?
a. Authorization Profile
b. Authorization Object
c. Authorization
d. Roles thru SU01
e. ??????
31. What kinds of RFCs are supported in SAP?
a. Transactional RFC
b. Queued RFC
c. Transition RFC
d. Fast RFC
e. rRFC
32. Exercise for System Monitoring
33. What are the correct statements from the following regarding Support Pack / Add-on update?
See the Book exercise
34. What is variant in terms of ABAP?
35. How you map the properties of SAP fields to directory server if they are not available? (something like this)
a. You can use extended schema (Answer) – Do the exercise
b. ??? (Not sure)
36. What information from the following you can get from SM50 and ST04??

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